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Connect. Inspire. Learn.

She Dares is a community for adventurous, independent and curious women. We empower each other to take on challenges and break down boundaries, all while doing new, and sometimes off-the-wall, activities.

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Founded in 2019 by Mel Cheng, She Dares is based on the two values she lives by:

community and trustThose values are anchored by three pillars: Connect. Inspire and Learn.

Unique events run globally, She Dares gives women a collaborative and supportive space to grow and learn new skills from other women. We just want to dare each other to step out of our comfort zones once in a while! 

At She Dares events, women motivate each other to try something new which could be for fun, or to achieve a specific goal. For Mel, it was getting back on track after a period of personal and professional setbacks. But you could join She Dares to find your voice, boost your current career path, or just discover a new passion project.

So, why not be daring and join in on one of next events?

Mel Cheng looking into the camera with sunglasses on



Mel founded She Dares as a dare. To herself.

A dynamic presence and master motivator, she is happiest when picking up new skills. And her “anything-goes” mentality also proves that 40 is just a number.

A 20-year veteran of the tech world, she’s led cross-development teams and global projects for the likes of Red Bull, Nokia, and AKQA. She’s also run her own businesses in web development and property investment. Always active, Mel is wild about action sports and is a certified snowboard and downhill mountain biking instructor.

But, none of that really mattered during an especially difficult period in her life, she lost her "voice" and herself during a period of depression. The only time she felt like herself were the few times she was with other women, sharing experiences and being active in nature.

After some time out and a big ass reframe, the fog lifted, and a big idea emerged: an online community for women to come together and have a riot learning new stuff. She would have loved something like this to get back on track, so why not offer it for others?

In building She Dares, Mel isn’t just daring women to be themselves and grow – she’s daring herself to make an impact.

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