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She Dares Podcast Show

Looking for a show that inspires? You've come to the right place! 

Mel started this podcast as another dare to herself. It was about taking action! Not being perfect. 

 She talks to women around the world to understand their stories of how they broke out of their comfort zones to essentially change the course of their lives. 

For some people, their future paths are really clear. For others, it's not so simple... Listen in and find out how sometimes the most unexpected encounters changed these women's lives.

In every episode, the guest get's to give Mel a dare so she can also continue to break out of her comfort zone. To check out how the dares went down, follow us on @_shedares on Instagram. 

You can subscribe on all major platforms, there is a new episode out every 2 weeks! 

If you enjoy the show, we'd really appreciate a rating and review so we can keep producing for you! 

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